Our Services

Applied Research:

InsideOut has a depth of expertise in qualitative and mixed-method research design. Our research products – which include literature reviews, cross-jurisdictional scans, discussion papers and rapid reviews – are trustworthy and usable, providing decision-makers with valid and timely evidence. We have access to a comprehensive selection of online academic databases, ensuring that we can locate the most rigorous and recent articles and studies.

Program Evaluation:

The InsideOut network includes skilled program evaluators with experience in conducting process, impact and developmental evaluations, regionally and nationally. We use a variety of methods including interviews, surveys, administrative reviews, focus groups, arts-based processes and site visits. We prioritize ethical practice, transparency and the generation of meaningful, usable data.

“Working with InsideOut is a pleasure and a privilege. They set a gold standard in responsiveness and relationship building. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”


Stakeholder Consultation:

InsideOut Policy Research offers stakeholder consultation services both as stand-alone activities and as a component of larger research projects. Our team includes very capable and effective facilitators who have worked with diverse stakeholders in a wide variety of settings and formats.

Curriculum Development:

With several experienced teachers on the team, InsideOut is able to provide a range of curriculum development services that target school populations and adult learners. We partner with web developers, graphic design and branding professionals, and subject matter experts to ensure the highest quality educational and training products. Our emphasis is on student-centred, interactive teaching and learning.