What Our Clients Are Saying

“Tracy is by far one of the most dedicated, proactive, professional consultants with whom I have worked. She creates a gold standard in responsiveness and relationship building that is hard to find elsewhere. I have learned from her and with her as she brings intellectual rigour and innovative thinking to the project she has undertaken with us. Working with InsideOut is a pleasure and a privilege. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Director, Canadian Women’s Foundation

“Thank you to the InsideOut team for all of your work on this project. The final deliverables are very high quality and have been very well received. I have really appreciated the engagement process that you put in place – the project addressed some tricky areas and the development process served us well.”

Director, BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions

“I have really enjoyed working with InsideOut. I have learned so much from the team’s expertise and insights into this work and I have been grateful for the team’s commitment, flexibility and sense of humour along the way.”

Director, BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions

“It has truly been a pleasure to collaborate with InsideOut on this important piece of work. I have valued the thoughtful approach you have taken throughout and your consistent advocacy and integrity, in particular with regard to including and honouring the voices of people with lived and living experience and Indigenous perspectives and ways of knowing. I’m thrilled with the quality of the final product and have received great feedback from colleagues in my Ministry as well.”

Director, BC Ministry of Health

“InsideOut Policy Research is a team of experienced and dedicated consultants who provide insights, solutions and innovations for complex and intersecting health system and policy issues. Having engaged InsideOut for over 10 years to support a variety of provincial systems transformation projects, I can attest that they have always demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and adherence to timelines, and met very high quality and performance standards for research, practice and policy related deliverables. One of the team’s many strengths is a steadfast commitment to ensuring that multiple perspectives and intersectional lenses are applied to their work; this includes working extensively with people with lived and living experience. This insightful, pragmatic and progressive team of consultants is truly a pleasure to work with.”

Project Manager, BC Provincial Health Services Authority

“I would like to express my gratitude for all of your tireless work to achieve this significant milestone for the provincial project. The document has made an impact on everyone who has read it and all of the reviews have been positive and supportive. Your team has been pivotal in the creation and development of this important work.”

Project Manager, Provincial Health Services Authority

“Tracy has consistently demonstrated excellence in research, writing, collaborating and meeting tight and moving deadlines. She has tremendous skill in researching complex questions and areas of service delivery. A very skilled writer, Tracy is adept at tailoring materials appropriately to diverse audiences. She has a writing style that is both sophisticated and clear. Tracy is driven by integrity. She and her team always go above and beyond to make certain that they are delivering an excellent product. I strongly believe that any agency would be very fortunate to contract with Tracy Byrne and InsideOut Policy Research.”

Senior Policy Analyst, BC Ministry of Health

“I have collaborated with Tracy on projects and I have contracted with her to provide research support services. In both capacities, I was impressed with Tracy’s passion for her work and her commitment to producing high quality products to deadline and within budget. As a researcher, Tracy has a solid grasp of sound research skills and applies these effectively and efficiently to produce reliable research products. Her writing is clear and compelling. Tracy has a strong sense of integrity and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that her work meets expectations and represents value and utility to the client. She is an asset to any team process as she respects the expertise of her team members and enjoys bringing together people with diverse skills and experience in the creation of an excellent product.”

Managing Director, Wave Point Consulting